Don’t have time to worry about administration and accounting? Do you have any doubts about bookkeeping and payroll? Would you like to reduce the cost of bookkeeping or payroll accounting? Do you find your own accounting department too expensive without adequate results?

It is not possible without accounting or tax records, so our team can help you how to keep accounting clearly and correctly, or to take over this entire agenda. We will not only ensure compliance with accounting legislation, we will also supply and help you design the reports you need for your business. We also have extensive experience with motivational systems and KPI settings

We will provide you with full-fledged accounting services for newly established companies, for the restructuring of already established accounting, but also for solving unexpected problems. We will design a solution for you, tailored to your business, according to individual criteria. In addition to financial accounting, we will process payroll and managerial accounting, including reporting.

Provided services

  • Accounting advice.
  • Payroll consulting.
  • Complete takeover of accounting.
    • Collection and categorization of documents.
    • Execution and control of basic accounting entries.
    • Records and monthly reporting.
  • Complete takeover of payroll accounting.
    • Managing the employee agenda.
    • Monthly payroll processing.
    • Payroll payments.
    • Communication and processing of appropriate documents for individual authorities.
  • Accounting for conversions (opening balance sheets, chips, consolidation).
  • Consolidation assistance.
  • Create and set up reporting.
  • Advice on solving the choice of accounting methodology.