How to achieve advantageous tax optimization? Not sure how to proceed with these tasks? Do you need advice on international taxation or do you want to export abroad?

Our tax experts structured transactions not only for large international companies, but especially for five of the ten largest purely Czech companies.

Our team of tax experts will not only advise you on tax optimization, but will also implement the necessary turnkey. We will ensure the identification of opportunities for the highest and widest possible tax deductible costs and the use of investment and other incentives. We will find possibilities for more efficient financing and use tax deductions. We will use a more efficient concentration of intangible assets within the group, including deductions, even with the possibility of involving an international structure. We will reduce the tax burden when repatriating profit or capital to owners or other investors. We will focus on the concentration of ownership in terms of aligning the corporate structure with the future activities of the group, improving the structure from the perspective of banks, and the issue of minority shareholders. We will help you create tax-effective incentive programs.

As part of international tax planning, our team will advise you in critical areas, including setting up financing within the group and the flow of licenses. We will advise you on changes in the cross-border customer-supply chain, including the most advantageous setting of the tax burden in individual countries. Thanks to the experience from a large number of transactions of this kind, we can fully advise you in setting the strategic goals of the company.

We understand that Czech exporters, investors and entrepreneurs need support when working abroad. Thanks to our many years of experience in entering many countries, we can help you expand abroad. We know local partners, local legislation and especially the business practices of the countries. We can help you with setting individual parameters of the investment or project in order to reduce the tax and administrative burden of the entire transaction. We will prepare the structuring of the acquisitions themselves, at the same time we offer the possibility of complete tax outsourcing of the investor.

Each termination of the investment or even the liquidation of the company makes it possible to find a suitable distribution of the tax burden so that there will be the lowest possible taxation for the seller, the highest possible future tax deductions for the buyer. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for future sales by changing the structure well in advance by separating the assets whose sale is being considered.

Provided services

  • Tax optimization, including the use of tax deductions.
  • Creating tax-effective incentive programs.
  • Setting an advantageous tax burden for cross-border trade in terms of:
    • the process of purchasing goods and materials
    • own production (work in progress, finished products in stock),
    • the process of sales to customers in the Czech Republic and abroad,
    • assistance in changes in the process of managing foreign acquisitions and their active support,
    • intangible assets,
    • personal assistance to top management,
    • local and international tax planning for company owners,
    • preparation of documents for strategic decision-making from a legal, tax, accounting and economic point of view.
  • When expanding abroad, we offer processing of corporate income tax returns, VAT, bookkeeping or tax records, withholding taxes, etc.).
  • We will advise you with:
    • export,
    • investment in a green field,
    • acquisitions,
    • delivery of the investment unit.
  • Or are you dealing with “only” a non-standard transaction? We have certainly already done something similar and we will pass on our know-how to you.

Price list